Elegant living room renovation ideas for your home

The living room is the heart of the home as this is where the entire family gets together in a most comfortable environment. It is also where most of the guests are welcomed and in most cases spend most of their time there. Hence, much priority should be given to this room when you start planning a home renovation. It is not necessary that you should be professional in designing your living room; it just requires some good planning and a good choice of colours to make your living room renovation ideas come to life.

Dining room sets

Many homes today have a living room dining room for want of space and hence your dining room sets should be carefully selected to match the living room furniture and furnishings as well. Make sure to add a good blend of bright colours that will liven up your living room and make your interior décor elegant and cosy. You can choose from colours like peach, lemon, white shades which will give your living room a brighter look and add more space to it as well.

Add brightness

A living room should always be bright so you should choose very happy colours that make that room look bright always. This brightness in the living room will not only create a cool and comfortable ambience for the family, it will also leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests as well. Whatever your mood may be, when you enter a bright room, it will definitely take a turn and you will feel more confident with your decision making. You can add some bright sprays of flowers on the table and put up some pastel shades of curtain that will match your walls. Avoid dull colours for your living room.


The flooring is another important aspect when setting up the best living room design ideas. Your floor should be comfortable to walk on and hence you should avoid floors that have no grip. Choose a good colour for your floor, something that will not show stains from spillage and it should be scratch proof. The contemporary floors for modern homes today is mosaic or ceramic as these are durable and versatile as well. Alternately you can also think of having parquet flooring or polished wood floors to give it that elegant look.


Besides all the above aspects, attractive and efficient lighting is essential. If you have done all the above but you don’t have proper lighting, then the entire room will look dull and dreary. Many home owners prefer L.E.D. lights as they do not create heat and last for a very long time. There is nothing nothing better than lots of natural lighting during the day if you have it available. Make sure your windows are big and let the sun shine in.